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Weight Room

Our gym here at PFTA is a prime location to improve your physical performance. Whether it be on the field, diamond, rink or elsewhere, we have the equipment and knowledge to help you succeed. 


Our gym is outfitted with a wide range of equipment to best suit your training needs. Including multiple bars, benches, bench presses, and dumbells. 


Are you a personal trainer? Contact us today to use our facility with your own clients! This facility is not open to the public but is available to our PFTA users along with only those serious about developing skill and bettering themselves.  

Kyle Frey - Resilient Strength

Kyle has been involved in sports his entire life. A four-sport athlete in high school, Kyle chose to pursue baseball at the university level in both the United States and Canada. He attended and played at Concordia University (NAIA) and York University (OUA) while completing his degrees and internships. Kyle’s interest in performance and sports medicine bloomed from his involvement in sports. He has continued to work with athletes and active populations over the last 4+ years in both performance and rehabilitation settings.

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Kelly Clark - Personal Trainer


Kelly Clark is a Personal Trainer here at the Field House! She offers private 1 on 1 personal training, boot camps, virtual online training, and lifestyle coaching.


Click below to contact her!

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